Interior Decorator Irina Ruzanova

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Interior Decorator Irina Ruzanova / Description

INTERIOR DESIGN is the author's art of making several adjacent premises into a single room for living in with its unique style, character and temperament. It is a fine psychology, high responsibility, it is practical and calculation. It is also a choice of life style, a deep study to the smallest detail; it is integrity and completeness, careful planning of work, detailed quote, punctual plans fulfillment, the adoption of technical solutions...

And finally, DESIGN INTERIOR is a new activity for the design of the objective world, which cannot exist without a thorough professionalism and experience.


• Measuring the size of the room
• Redesign
• Selection of wall coverings
• Selection of lighting
• Selection of flooring
• Advice and assistance in choosing the style decision
• Advice and assistance in choosing the solutions of the light
• Advice and assistance in the choice of colours
• Ideas and projecting niches or shelves from gypsum board, glass, chipboard, etc.
• Selection of furniture
• Window Treatments (choice of materials)
• Selection of decorative elements (vases, sculptures, paintings, clocks, dishes, etc.)
• Counting the number of finishing materials
• Individual furniture design (Kitchen, entrance hall, cloakroom, bedroom, etc.)


• 3D photos;
• 2D photos;
• scan the walls;
• measurement drawing;
• the plan of dismantling partitions;
• the plan of partitions installation;
• the plan of arrangement of furniture;
• the plan of ceilings;
• lighting plan;
• lighting layout;
• switches layout;
• the plan of arrangement of sanitary equipment;
• the plan of flooring (with indication of flooring types);
• list of finishing materials;
• list of electrical equipment;
• price offer list of finishing materials;
• price offer list of objects of furniture.

EXTERIOR DESIGN is a change, updating or creation of an absolutely new appearance of the building. As part of this work you can get scanning of the facades with information about sizes and used exterior finish materials.

RESTORATION WORK is a process of recovery, returning of original or creating of an absolutely new image of interior items, furnishings, articles of antiques, works of fine, decorative arts and architecture.



CLOTHES DESIGN is a designing and creating garments. Professional fashion designer develops the concepts of fashion collections, selects fabrics and accessories, that correspond to a particular celebration, the mood and desires of the customer. Focusing on new principal trends in materials and clothes quality a fashion designer makes ingenious clothes in order to satisfy the appropriate spiritual and material needs of its owner, combining the beauty and convenience.

Clothes design is a unique image alchemy that always helps you present yourselves the way you want it. Clothes are your status and face, a way of expression; it shows your wealth. But creation of unforgettable unique image is the prerogative of the professional designer.

IMAGE CONSULTING is a multidimensional assistance in the establishment and optimization of image, style and appearance of the client. Image is clothing, accessories, hairstyle (for women - make-up), the manner of communication: oratory, facial expressions and gestures. For creation of desired image you should be aware of dress codes and etiquette.


• colour analysis (selection of the best colour of clothing, accessories, hairstyle and make-up);
• style analysis (choice of styles, proportions, details and accessories);
• sorting clothes;
• personal shopping.

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