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A woodburning stove is the best choice of stoves or furnaces if the primary goal is for heat. The woodburning stove has a glass door, which interiorly conserves the heat and gives off waves of heat throughout the room. A woodburning stove is the most effective in that it uses less wood fuel compared to other stoves.
Many people believe that the woodburning stove creates a more cozy atmosphere compared to other furnaces. The advantage of our woodburning stove is that it is moveable and can be repositioned when necessary. Our stoves are made from Croval base material, which conserves the heat due to its high density of 2700 kg/m3. The stove releases its heat evenly over long periods of time. Ahja stoves can be custom made to your own desires or designed with the help of our representatives!!
A woodburning stove is a traditional style stove with two dampers instead of one. This is beneficial during warmer months because when the entire stove becomes heated, with two dampers, the lower of the two can be closed thus directing the smoke up the chimney, accordingly letting more heat escape. Nevertheless, a typical fireplace radiates heat and has excellent ventilation, however does not heat a room.