E.Strauss - Wooden Products

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E.Strauss - Wooden Products / Ознакомление

E. Strauss is a new family company for wooden products which originated from the former Association of Folk-Art Craftsmen.

The company was established in by E .Strauss in 2003. It includes 5 members of the Strauss family and around 30 craftsmen working in their homes and workshops.

E.Strauss produces a wide range of over 200 items. These include:

- For the sauna: bath whisk tubs, ladles, sauna tubs, small washtubs.
- For the kitchen: Tankards, mugs, butter-containers, cheese moulds. Made of Juniper.
- For the house - wood: Trays (with and without handles), dowry-chests, bread baskets, flower-tubs, jewellery boxes. Made of Alder.
- For the house - basket-work: baskets for the wall, for fruit and vegetables, for hairbrushes, for newspapers, napkin baskets, bread baskets.
- For the outdoors: Firework baskets, laundry baskets, garden boxes, picnic baskets.

All items come in various designs and sizes and baskets are plain or painted blue, red, green.

The majority of products are sold in Finland but the company also receives orders from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Japan.

Products of E.Strauss plc can be bought in the North-East of Estonia (Avinurme) and in bigger craft fairs in summer, or on the web.