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Haapsalu Uksetehas Limited was established in 1991 on the basis of Estonian private investment. The new factory with its primary equipment was completed in 1992 in Uuemõisa, near Haapsalu.

Haapsalu Uksetehas was the very first factory in Estonia that, using the modern technology, started to manufacture interior doors with preformed hardboard skins, and later also exterior doors using aluminium-plywood as the basis. The variety of products has widened according to the wishes of our clients and today we are manufacturing practically all kinds of doors that can be made of wood and wood-based materials.

With a wish to give our clients an opportunity to order all the vent fillers from one source, we decided to start manufacturing wooden windows. In 1995, the building of the window factory was started and since the spring of 1996 we manufacture in addition to doors also so-called "German-type" wooden and wood-aluminium turn-and-tilt windows, which open in two directions.

The growing demand in high-quality raw material, glue-lam wood for the production of windows and doors impelled us to extend also the manufacture of glue-lam wood. At the end of the year 1998 our lamination plant, which guarantees the availability of the top-quality raw material in due time, was opened.

Haapsalu Uksetehas has, besides the sales department in Uuemõisa, a sales department with trained staff also in Tallinn.

The quality system ISO 9001 has been introduced in our company. This system gives our clients more confidence when communicating with us, guarantees the equal quality of our products, and increases our competitiveness in the market.

More than 160 persons are to be employed in Haapsalu Uksetehas at the moment.