Uue Kunsti Muuseum

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Uue Kunsti Muuseum / Ознакомление

The Museum of New Art is the first modern art museum of its kind in Estonia. From among the world’s most famous names Pablo Picasso, Yoko Ono, Corneille, Jean Rustin, Edward Lucie-Smith, Martin Garcia Rivera, Kalev Mark Kostabi, Joel Peter Witkin, Judy Chicago and others are presented at the museum. Estonian art is represented by Peeter Mudist, Leonhard Lapin, Jaan Toomik, Evald Okas, and others.
As every summer in close cooperation with the museum an international festival of documentaries takes place here, the museum has been able to compile during years a huge film and video collection, which mainly illustrates the cultures of different peoples.
Since 2006 the Museum of New Art has been operating in two towns – Pärnu and Viljandi.

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