Adensen Furniture

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Adensen Furniture / Description

„Adensen” — is a new developing furniture producing company which was founded in Valga, in the south of Estonia.

Our Concept
„Adensen” characteristic feature is economy.
Our chief goal – to produce environmentally friendly, qualitative, and reasonably priced furniture by using effective processes of manufacture
We claim that design should improve the quality of life being economy-priced.
We believe that people who are surrounded by natural materials and laconic shapes become peaceful – they start remarking the beauty of simple things. Then everything in the interior acquires a particular halo and brings warmth and coziness to a home.
This kind of interior may teach sincerity: it does not have any materials or subjects that pretend to be something else (plastics – to be stone, veneer – to be wood etc.).
Everything around us has a soul. That is why we try to create thing with love, so that they carried more than just functionality.
We hope that our ideas will be successfully developing in our future furniture collections and other products.

Simplicity of shapes demands a special attention to details; therefore, every single detail is a handwork of small team.
For manufacturing we use local wood got from ecologically clean woodlands in the South of Estonia.
We join people who really think about future and take care of our earth and health!