Gildemann Dolomite Designs

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Gildemann Dolomite Designs / Description

Dolomite is a form of limestone found extensively in Estonia. It has been used there since the 13th Century in building castles and churches, and a significant export trade developed in Hanseatic times. The skilled artisans in Gildemann`s dolomite workshop have drawn heavily on church artin rebuilding the tradition of high quality dolomite carving. They now offer designs reflecting both classical traditions and original, modern lines.
There is a wide range on tables, pedestals, vases, wine coolers, goblets. lamps, candlesticks, fireplaces, columns, balustrades, statues and other ornaments in beautiful and bartistic designs to enrich your surroundings. The unique, handmade objects give a natural and restful feel to your home, garden, or office and will offer decades of use and pleasure.