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INTERIOR DECORATOR Tiiu Grauberg / Description

Designing a space means developing a design which results in a space becoming a unique piece of art. The main task for the interior designer is to find a professional harmony in bringing together the requirements and needs of clients with functionality and ergonomics which are necessary to achieve the maximum comfort of a space. Handling each project professionally enables us to value client’s requirements and ideas, considering client’s resources, with the aim of achieving an interior which is complete, unique and harmoneous with its surroundings.

Due to the increasing numbers of wine lovers we provide, in cooperation with a wine importer Carpe Vinum, design solutions for wine cellars and desings for specific furniture. We offer this service all over Estonia for restaurants as well as private customers. Valuing the taste and perferences of clients we design a space as single complete unit which results in being a site of interest in its own right. Furniture is made according to client’s requirements, the measurements of the space and possibilities. We are also happy to find solutions for interiors where it is not possible to have a wine cellar as a separate space and wine corner needs to be integrated in the existing interior.

Interior design with DisainiRuum!

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