Kiilto Eesti (hüdroisolatioon, Põrandalakk, Ehituskeemia, Plaatimissegu, Põrandatasandussegu)

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Kiilto Eesti (hüdroisolatioon, Põrandalakk, Ehituskeemia, Plaatimissegu, Põrandatasandussegu) / Description

Expertise in adhesive technology

Kiilto Oy is a Finnish company in the chemical industry, founded in 1919. The company develops, manufactures and markets adhesives and related products. The factory and the head-office are located at Lempäälä, 10 km south of Tampere.

Kiilto’s business idea is total adhesive expertise, providing comprehensive solutions to customers’ material bonding problems. This involves not only adhesives but also related stages in the work process such as priming, water proofing, sealing, finishing, protection and care. Besides the products themselves, Kiilto provides support services: information, technical support and training.

The Kiilto product range includes products for industrial manufacturing and products for building, construction, renovation, interior decoration - for professionals as well as private consumers: adhesives, varnishes for parquet flooring, levelling compounds and plasters, water proofing membranes, cementitious tiling adhesives, grouts, thinners and casting resins.

Specialized customer service
Kiilto Oy caters to building material traders, building and decoration contractors, the wood and metal industry, the paper, graphics and packaging industry, the footwear industry, steel and iron foundries and private consumers. The marketing is taken care of by specialized sales departments according to customer segmentation which guarantees the optimum customer service. Also our R&D and customer support are specialized in different fields of industry.

In-house R&D
Kiilto’s strong expertise in the fastening and surface care is a result of sustained development effort from the very beginning. The whole product range results from our in-house product development, which has been an important focus for investment throughout the company’s history. Product development is based on customer wishes, application requirements, manufacturing technologies, work methods and materials, and environmental and safety aspects. Our product development defines the most optimal raw-material composition and tests the product both in laboratory and in field conditions.

Accurate and prompt deliveries
According to the surveys, Kiilto’s customers value most highly Kiilto’s reliable deliveries: Kiilto is near to its customers and delivers products when needed and precisely on time. This is enabled by an extensive network of contacts, centrally located regional warehouses and sales offices and subsidiaries abroad.

What are Kiilto adhesives made of?
Kiilto adhesives are made of raw materials, packages, transportation and, first of all, co-operation! Kiilto uses approximately 700 different raw materials: binders, fillers, solvents, additives and monomers. A growing number of the raw materials is delivered as bulk. Since 1981 Kiilto has polymerized – as the first adhesive factory in Scandinavia – own dispersions for aqueous adhesives.

Kiilto uses over 400 different packaging articles for its products, and over 600 printed products is purchased every year. To guarantee on-time deliveries, Kiilto has effective transportation systems. All this is taken care of by six internal purchasing experts.