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Loginterior / Description

Log has been a traditional building material, used at home as well as the correlation of the creation of objects. Originally, log as a material was forced by circumstances, since the treated wood was not affordable to everyone, or it just was not technically feasible to produce. Since, there has been a log products makers face in Your home, whether it is log furniture or components made out of log.

Wood is the main raw material for furniture manufacturing and interior. In most cases, timber is passed through many treatments before reaching the end user, therefore losing a large part of its original look and character. In an effort to preserve the tradition and original values of log has to offer Us, We design and manufacture Our furniture out of natural log.

Our goal is to create something valuable, which would be accessible to all at the same time, being comfortable and durable. We have decided to create a series of products made from natural wood materials which would suite modern and cozy home interior.

In all stages of production from raw material selection and design and ending with the completion of the final product. We have taken every care to ensure the maximum preservation of the nature. The wood used to manufacture the furniture and interior finishes has been acquired from local small scale producers, therefore supporting local businesses and green living.