OKAPI Galerii

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OKAPI Galerii / Description

Okapi Gallery is an art and design exhibition space in Tallinn Old Town.
The Gallery functions also as a glass studio and photography studio,
the Okapi founders - glass artists Birgit Pählapuu, Raili Velt and photographer Temuri Hvingija are daily working at the same gallery room.
Okapi presents and sells Estonian applied arts, photography, design and graphic works.
Gallery has a smart selection of product design, small series and unique objects created by Estonian artists.
The creators of Okapi collection are deeply devoted to their material, whether it is glass, ceramic, leather, photo or graphics.
Okapi Gallery puts up a collection of art pieces that belong to man`s personal space and daily life, whether it is a stunning piece of applied art, a small meaningful keepsake or an inspiring work of art that opens one`s mind to next thinking levels.

The heart of Okapi gallery is a glass studio where artists Birgit Pählapuu and Raili Velt make Murano glass adornments and small glass forms.
You can follow the working process and see how the flame is meting the glass and the colored glass is transformed to a beautiful piece of art.
Our gallery organises different workshops and seminars, that take place mostly in the evenings.
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We are looking forward to your visit!