+372 650 8700
+372 650 8701
Türi 4, Tallinn, Harjumaa
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Teaspon / Additional contacts

Teaspon Hometextile in Tallinn
Türi 4, Tallinn 11313
Ph +372 650 8715
Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00

Teasponi Hometextile in Haapsalu
Karja 19, Haapsalu 90502
Ph +372 473 5529
Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00
St 10.00-15.00

Teaspon Hometextile in Tartu
Trade Centre Zeppelin (II floor)
Turu 14, Tartu 51004
Ph +372 744 1277
Mo-Su 10.00-20.00
St 10.00-18.00

Teaspon Hometextile in Kuressaare
Kauba 12, Kuressaare 93819
Ph +372 453 3151
Mo-Fr 9.00-17.00
St 10.00-15.00

Teaspon Hometextile in Pärnu
Lai 11, Port Artur 2 (III floor) Pärnu 80011
Ph +372 518 5014
Mo-St 10.00-20.00
Su 10.00-18.00

Järve Kodutekstiil
Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn
Järve Kaubanduskeskus ll korrus
Tel 6 775 656
E-P 10-21

Teaspon / Description

TEASPON PLC was founded in 1959 and since 1992 it is a public limited company, based on Estonian capital. Today, the company with its 110 workers has developed into a modern sewing company which offers home textile in a wide range. Export makes up 85-90% of our production, the main export article is romanblinds that is becoming more and more demanded in Europe, but is yet not so well-known in Estonia.

The efficient sides of Teaspon PLC are:
- high-quality goods
- an adequate ratio of quality and price
- flexibility, and being understanding and considerate towards the needs of the customers
- meeting the deadlines

The future prospects of Teaspon PLC include:
- the expansion and assurance of export markets
- fuller satisfaction of internal market in the field of home textiles
- expansion of sales network (own shops) in the Baltic States

95% of materials, used for production by Teaspon PLC, are environmentally-friendly cotton and linen thereby helping preserve the clean environment consistent with the needs of present-day society.