Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

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Temnikova & Kasela Gallery / Description

The two spaces of Temnikova & Kasela gallery are both located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, and their activity is based on a partnership of gallerist Olga Temnikova and contemporary culture promoter Indrek Kasela.
Both partners are visible figures in the Baltic cultural scene. Temnikova is known for her long-standing involvement in the region’s contemporary art life, the past 7 years of which were dedicated to establishing a gallery institution according to international standards, and promoting education of collectors and artists. Indrek Kasela has been active in the spheres of film and entertainment, running his own art cinema Sõprus and using his background in institutional funding to help develop Estonian culture field.
Gallery is working with leading artists in the region combining them with most promising younger generation stars.

A recent manifestation of their collaborative work is the establishment of Estonian Contemporary Art Development Centre. With the support of Estonian Enterprise and the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, this new institution is aimed at intensifying international cooperation between regional professionals. The project involves numerous artists, curators, and other art specialist from Estonia and abroad; and organizes interdisciplinary residencies, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.