Vecta Design

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Vecta Design / Description

VECTA DESIGN Ltd is the only professional manufacturer of stretch ceilings in the Baltic States.
Beside stretch ceilings VECTA DESIGN offers clients wide range of solutions for interior design: textile wall coverings with the possibility of imprinting, starry sky with the use of fiber optics and crystals, creation of 3D-shape design, and other interesting decoration ideas.
Special attention is paid to the quality of the stretch ceilings. All products are certified according to European standards and have a CE safety mark and Vecta Design gives 10 years of warranty.
VECTA Design helps clients to implement innovative solutions in the field of interior design. Technology and professional knowledge; care and support of large and small projects; cooperation with designers and architects; high quality of our products - these are the main priorities in our work.
Vecta Design stretch ceiling can be installed in couple of hours to public places and also to private homes. If you decide to order stretch ceilings from us, you can be sure you will have the best quality ceilings installed by professionals.
You can find more information from our website: or you can call us +372 44 230 23