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How to distinguish different stretch ceiling manufacturers and installers

Lately in Europe there has been a large growth of different stretch ceilings manufacturers and installers, so we decided to analyse how to distinguish them from each other. Researching the web, all manufacturers and installers seem to have similar prices and quality, so it may be difficult to tell the difference between them. There are a lot of stretch ceiling providers, but the product itself is quite new for many countries and there isn´t a lot of information available.

Before ordering a stretch ceiling, the customer should be aware of product requirements and know how to check the quality. Unfortunately, customers do not always know about the quality difference between Chinese and European PVC material. Sometimes the consumer doesn´t even understand the dangers to the health caused by usage of Chinese materials. This is the reason why we decided to clarify the situation a bit.

Reasons to prefer European stretch ceiling material over Chinese material: The study revealed that Chinese stretch ceiling manufacturers use in their production substances such as phthalates. Phthalates are one of the most common substances in our everyday environment and are mainly used as a plastic softener (as plasticizer). Due to the dangerous emissions into idoor air because of usage of phthalates, there are a lot of concerns about the potential health risks (especially for children). This problem has encouraged researchers to study the effects of phthalates in indoor spaces. Phthalates are known for damaging hormone system and are also suspected for causing cancer, allergies and asthma.

Comparing different Estonian stretch ceiling manufacturers, Vecta Design OÜ Ltd is the only one not using any Chinese stretch ceiling PVC materials; Vecta Design CE certificate confirms it. Vecta Design stretch ceilings are all made with alternative herbal plastic softener, which is not harmful for health. Herbal plastic softener is more expensive than the usage of phthalates and therefore European origin material is more expensive than material made in China.

In fact, Chinese stretch ceiling material is banned in European Union. But because some stretch ceiling manufacturers also sell stretch ceilings to countries where phthalates are not banned, they can order and manufacture ceilings made of Chinese materials and declare that they sell it only to other countries outside European Union. In reality, the customer has to check the background of the manufacturer or the installer in order to avoid the situation where instead of European material there is installed cheaper Chinese stretch ceiling material which does not meet the safety requirements.

How to determine whether the stretch ceiling manufacturer has all the right certificates, which prove that the product is safe for health: The stretch ceilings manufacturer has to have official CE marking and certification. CE marking is the manufacturer's warranty that the produced product meets all the safety requirements. In recent years we’ve got used to the fact that if a product bears CE mark, it is safe. The reason for this assumption is the goods’ compliance with EU standards.

If the stretch ceiling manufacturer does not have CE marking, they can use both- European materials and Chinese materials. Authorization for usage of CE marking for stretch ceiling (with CE certification number) can be issued only by certified institute; other issuers for CE marking certificates are not authorized. If a company has CE certificate but it is not issued by a certified institute and there is no valid CE certificate number (which is marked with a number under CE mark and is controllable) then it is not CE. Unfortunately, there exists a much similar mark which the majority of consumers and even sellers understand as CE mark of the European Union. However, this mark symbolizes something quite different. This mark means that the product was manufactured in China, and means “China Export”. This similarity is not a chance coincidence. It expresses the aggressive approach and is used to confuse European consumers.  The China Export mark is not registered and it does NOT confirm positive test results and is placed by Chinese manufacturers arbitrarily.

Please do not confuse the marks:



How does the real CE mark look like: CE mark must be used with the number of CE certification.

Vecta Design Ltd CE marking. Usage of CE mark requires also usage of CE certificate number, for example Vecta Design Ltd number is 1488. When there is no number, the CE mark is false.

Other certificates: Other certificates provided by the manufacturer can demonstrate only these materials, which are tested. The real manufactured product might not be the same as shown on the certificate. Only CE certificate shows, that all manufactured materials are safe and compliance with EU standards.

The manufacturer which does not have CE marking, can claim to use only European material, but actually orders material also from China. This company can work with both, European materials and Chinese materials and might trick his customers by using European material certificates for Chinese materials. This is why it is very important for the manufacturer to have a certificate for all produced products (like CE certificate) and not only for the incoming material.

Vecta Design Ltd is the only Eastern European stretch ceiling manufacturer who has CE certificate, which guarantees, that all produced ceilings are compliance with health standards.

How to tell the difference between Chinese and European material: There is no manufacturer in Europe, which can make PVC material wider than 2m. (There is only one European material 2,4m wide) If the material is wider than 2m, you can be sure it is produced in China. This is the reason why European material has a welding every 2m (2,4m).



On the photo you can see how a high quality seam weld looks like on printed light ceiling. The quality of the welding is very important, it shouldn´t strike the eye when you look at the ceiling.

If a stretch ceiling has seam welds, they must run in a straight line- if not requested otherwise by the customer. To straighten the seam weld on the ceiling may not be successful for all installers, it requires experience and knowledge.

Ceilings produced in China have also unpleasant smell, which does not go away even after years of usage.

The quality of stretch ceiling installation is very important. Stretch ceiling can be installed only by a professional installer. Correctly installed stretched ceiling will last for decades. If you see some wrinkles, marks or „worms” on the installed ceiling, then these marks will not disappear by time.
Installed ceiling must be flawless and with no defects right after installation.

If the customer wishes to implement some illumination into stretch ceiling, all procedure must be made correctly and according to quality requirements. The manufacturer’s warranty for stretch ceiling is only for material, seam welds and harpoon; it does not cover the ceiling installation process. This is the reason why a professional shall install the ceiling and give an extra warranty for his installation.

Glossy lacquered ceiling must look like a perfect mirror; every slightest detail must be reflected back from the surface of the ceiling.

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Submitted: 20.11.2014

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