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1. Paint your walls white

White walls will visually open up your space. Your home will feel bigger and brighter since white is the best colour to reflect natural light. If you are not a fan of white then choose a light neutral colour (light grey, beige etc).

2. Choose a compact sofa with thin legs

To make your living room feel light and roomy avoid sofas that have no legs. Prefer thin sofa legs since they don’t create large breaks in the visual plane. At Oot-Oot Studio we have thin black steel and cone Ash wood legs available.

3. Use vertical space

Since floorspace is limited, use the walls to store your things. Floating shelves will let you use the space on the floor for other furniture elements.

4. Place a mirror in a sunny spot

Mirrors that are placed properly can help to reflect a generous portion of light and illuminate a room. Find the sunniest spot in your home and hang a large mirror there.

5. Hide the clutter

In a small space, decoration displays can start feeling chaotic. To avoid the clutter, choose only a few distinctive pieces to display and store the rest away. Use a storage bed or a sideboard.

Submitted: 22.02.2019

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