12 Kaminat

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12 Kaminat / Description

12 KAMINAT has over 10 years of experience in the sale and construction of fireplaces.

Principal activities of 12:
- representation of German fireplace insert manufacturers Spartherm, Max Blank, Skantherm in Estonia
- design, planning and construction of fireplaces
- sale and construction of heat-retaining stoves
- sale and installation of Shiedel stainless steel module chimneys
Thanks to a professional team, the company has made rapid and developmental progress.
Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality and integrated solutions to the heating problems in their homes with heat from fireplaces or stoves. Spartherm provides various central heating and air heating solution as accessories (http://www.spartherm.com/uk/tgd/accessories/speicher.html).
For clients that want a unique large fireplace insert, we offer fireplace inserts from the French company TOTEM. Although, it is possible to order fireplace inserts from Spartherm to suit one’s own dimensions and shape.
The client can choose among various finishing materials for their fireplaces in our salon. The most popular finishing material is natural stone in various colors. The stones generally used to finish fireplaces include granite, marble, onyx, and limestone. The supplier of natural stone is our partner company Hansakivi (www.hansakivi.ee).
When designing your fireplace, our designer takes into account popular European styles and established construction standards. The fireplaces we have completed during the last ten years differ greatly in their size and price class – from 35,000 to 300,000 EEK. The most luxurious stoves in Europe, which are handmade by German stove fitters, can be found in the selection offered by Royal Nosta. The client’s special wishes are always taken into consideration. You can get a short summary of style perception by clicking on the link for our completed jobs.
Choosing and buying a fireplace is an important decision – it has to last for many years!

With warm regards,

Priit Hanson