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Borg / Description

Borg started furniture production in 2004. Our mission is to offer high-quality and competitively priced special furniture and our own production to companies and private persons.

Borg makes furniture that makes your life more comfortable - sofas, armchairs, footrests and beds. We make furniture that brings together ideas, design and comfort.

Furniture is the crowning glory of your interior space. Here at Borg we will produce furniture that accentuates the character of your room – from lounge suites and footrests to stools and armchairs, individually or as a series. Work with us to add the finishing touches to your space – we have an extensive range of materials to choose from.

From the hundreds of colours we offer you can choose the one that best matches your lifestyle and interior design. Our suppliers include renowned textiles companies such as nagu Fanny Aronsen, Almedahls, Kobe Fabrics, Chivasso, Lauritzon´s, JAB, Kvadrat Sanden, ROMO Fabrics, Backhausen, ADORA and Marks Pelle Vävare.

Borg supports inspiration and ideas. If you have a desire or your own draft for manufacture of tailor-made furniture, get in touch with us. The term of completion of products is up to 5 weeks, and in case of projects and bulk orders up to 8 weeks. The more exact and correct the draft of the product or the project, the faster we can complete the order. The need for and choice of fabric materials is determined according to your wish and you can make your choice from among different European and Scandinavian collections of furniture fabric. The choice is exciting and makes the creation process interesting.