Disekt ST

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Disekt ST / Description

OÜ DISEKT ST is furniture and interior fittings manufacturing company from 1990. Therefore we have lot of experiences for manufacturing furniture on special intent and we also are using any possible new technologies and constructional solutions. For summary we can say, that we can fulfil even such wishes that might seem impossible for beginning.
As there is said that we are making furniture and interior fittings for special intent but for clarifying interior fittings we should say that it is relatively wide area. There must be mentioned indoors, wall panels, complicated staircases, railings and lot of this kind of production. Generally we can say that we are manufacturing all kind of interior fittings and furniture what can be made from all kind of wood and metal materials.
Our biggest clients are banks, hotels, offices, restaurants, coffees, bars and so on. So they are generally companies what are not satisfied with custom made furniture.
Our quality has been obtained endorsement not just from Estonian clients, but also from Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Lithuanian and Latvian clients.