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Mass / Description

AS Mass started its activities in 1991 based on the Estonian capital.

The aim of AS Mass from the first years of its activities is operating based on the principle – all from one place and offer the goods with the best price and quality relation, providing the best service.

The company having been operating in its field for more than 20 years is currently one of the largest sellers of veneer and precious wood in the Baltic region. In addition to veneer and solid wood lumber we provide various auxiliary materials for the furniture industry such as natural veneer edges, glue tape, thero-thread, furniture oil and other wood products such as edge glued panels, decking material and Marine plywood. In June 2012 our product choice expanded as to the veneered boards (PLP, MDF) block boards and light boards. In two warehouse complexes in Pääsküla AS Mass is able to excellently meet the demand of all current and future customers as regards the high-quality natural material.

Our stock-in-trade includes consistently the following types of wood: American white oak, European oak, American white ash, American maple, European ash, American cherry and European cherry, American walnut and European walnut, alder, steamed beech, birch, Sapeli, Khaya and Gabon mahogany and pine as veneer and as well as solid lumber.

As regards exclusive wood veneers teak, anegre mahogany, pear, wenge, macassar, Indian and Santos palisander (rosewood), zebrano, macore, mahogany chrotch, walnut root, poplar sponge, birdseye maple, „Karjala“ birch are consistently in stock. All veneers such as ziricote, amboyna and special textures of many wood types can be ordered.

Our cooperation partners are the largest American, Asian and European producers of veneer, solid wood lumber and other materials and both the local and foreign furniture manufacturers, producers of doors and windows and stairs, and other specialists of wood.

AS Mass is the reseller of ALPI S.P.A., Italian producer of the highest quality reconstructed veneer, in Estonia. ALPI’s choice of veneer includes more than 14 000 articles, among which even the most demanding client finds the most suitable product for oneself. Also, ALPI S.P.A. offers high-quality finished laminate covered with veneer, called Alpikord.