Paide Mek

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Paide Mek / Description

Ltd. Paide MEK is a general construction company, which is founded 28/04/1992 and is registered in Register of Economic Activities, on 23. August 1996. The registration number is 10064455. Ltd. Paide MEK is registered in The Estonian Taxpayers Assocation. The registration number is EH10064455-0001. Existing private Ltd. Paide MEK has accrued from national construction company that had the same name. The predecessor of it was started already in Paide in 1945. The equity capital is 730 000 EEK. The number of workers in 01.01.2006 was 104 people. The engineering-operating personal is 24 persons. The company is fully based on private capital, and is the founder member of Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs. Ltd. Paide MEK measures up to Estonian Accreditation Centre ISO 9001:2000 since 2003 and has Certificate of Compliance. Ltd. Paide MEK is genuine building company, where the main field of activity it is building, which gives more than 98% of all the turnover of the company. In 2005 we were in indentured relations with more than 100 building companies.

Ltd. Paide MEK-s main purpose is to build that way, that it satisfies needs and expectations of clients. Through evolutionary leadership we aspire to that purpose that is based on emphasizing quality client’s centeredness, efficiency of work, ongoing development and qualified and motivated workforce.

Our motto is: We Build for Everybody