Viljandi Lexel

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Viljandi Lexel / Description

Viljandi Lexel AS is a company based 100% on Estonian capital. Our experience in the production of furniture dates back to the year 1963. The main values of Viljandi Lexel AS are high quality, stability and customer friendliness.

Our main production includes veneered, MDF and laminated furniture for homes, offices and laboratories.

Most of our products are made according to special orders. We always coordinate the design of the furniture, the use of materials, finishing and accessories with the customer. Special orders involve the installation of furniture. We also make furniture for hotels, hospitals, bars and for rooms in different other enterprises and companies.

The rest of our main production is production by batches and mass products. The former is made on the basis of orders, mainly for export, but our products are also sold in local furniture salons – in Tallinn Furniture House, Münt, A7.

AS Viljandi Lexel is one of the few manufacturers of medical and chemistry laboratories in Estonia and our neighbouring countries. The laboratory furnishings produced by Viljandi Lexel AS has been installed in different chemical, pharmaceutical and medical enterprises both in Estonia and the neighbouring countries. Our carpenters’ and project leader’s thorough professional knowledge and skills are highly important in the production of laboratory furniture.

In parallel, we do subcontracting in the production of veneered details. In the case of long-term projects and orders for batch products we are open to the technological and material solutions developed by the customer-partner.