Vivero OÜ

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Vivero OÜ / Description

Our greenhouse design is inspired by the famous engineer, architect and visionary, Buckminster Fuller. The geodesic design is extremely strong, resisting heavy snow loads and even hurricane force winds. In the same way that all stresses on the structure are dispersed evenly, so are heat and light dispersed evenly thus producing an excellent and nurturing environment for your plants and vegetables. Working conditions for the home gardener are also excellent because of the height and openness of the structure.
The main focus of our design is ease of assembly. After receiving a kit of 103 triangles and parts for the door/entrance, one follows the drawing provided and simply bolts the dome together; 2 people x 5-7 hours. All parts are numbered and holes are pre-drilled. Our 4.5m diameter dome is 3m high and covers an area of 15.9 sq.m. The 3m diameter version is 2.8m high and covers an area of 6 sq.m.