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Right furniture for children

Our children deserve the best and this is also true when choosing furniture for them. The biggest difference between the furniture for adults and children is its size but also colors and security requirements. The place where the furniture is used plays also a role in the choosing process. For example a table that is durable at home may not be that in a pre-school. That is why a cozy looking pine table fits well in your home interior but kindergarteners should use birch as the material for their tables.

It is commonly thought that plastic furniture is the best choice for kids. When comparing plastic and wooden furniture the plastic one can be more fall- and scratch proof but once a plastic item does break it is usually not repairable. If broken, plastic furniture becomes instantly dangerous for a child due to its sharp edges. If a child hits his or her head by accident a bump from wooden furniture will probably will be bigger. On the other hand from the security point of view it is worrying that a light plastic chair can easily fall in the use of children who like to climb. Plastic tends to fade over the course of time. Wood also changes its tone but in a more natural way.

Varvo OÜ specializes in kindergarten furniture and uses quality pine and birch wood in its furniture. “There is a wide range of wooden furniture for children in our assortment where one can find products both for furnishing the play area and also for helping to carry through everyday life activities,” says Aita Kasonen, the Chairman of the company. “We offer chairs with different sizes depending of the height of a child made both from strong and stable birch wood or snug-looking light pine chairs. You can also order lockers for clothes, footgear, household products and toys with the measurements that fit your needs. One of the latest and most innovative products is a drawer-closet on wheels for drying paintings that kids make and that teachers absolutely adore due to its room-saving quality. To use space efficiently we recommend using drawer-beds that leave plenty of room for playing once re-collected. A special play-area can be furnished with products that easily create a home-feeling for little doll-mummies and daddies. In this category the mini-kitchen sets and dressing tables are the most bought articles but also small tables & chairs and wardrobe, beds and cradles for the dolls are popular.”

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