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Decoreter / Description

ALPAKA is all about natural materials in homes, interiors, life. We value uniqueness so every one of our alpaca fur rugs is different. We at ALPAKA treasure individuality and the beauty of simple pleasures. Just like the touch of an alpaca fur rug becoming alive under your fingertoes or an alpaca fur throw giving you ultimate comfort under your fingertips.
We started 8 years ago manufacturing of custom made alpaca fur rugs for homes. Today our alpaca fur rugs are presented all over the world, including private spaces, hotel rooms and lobbies, golf clubs etc. We look at each rug as an unique signature for an interior or exterior. Each alpaca fur rug is made with love and care for best natural materials in life. Today we offer a wide selection of both alpaca fur rugs and alpaca fur throws together with different collections of alpaca wool blankets and baby alpaca wool blankets.
All our natural alpaca fur rugs and throws are handmade and one-of-a-kind items of exclusive interior accessories collections. Alpacas are not killed for fur, all animals have died of natural causes due to rough living conditions in South American Andean mountains in the altitude of 3500-5000 meters. ALPAKA closely follows all the laws that prohibit and regulate any mistreatment of alpacas.
ALPAKA is a sponsor for Cieneguilla village kids in Peru.
At international exhibitions we today presenting also baby alpaca wool blankets and plaids together with different alpaca wool plaids and bed covers. Our baby alpaca wool blankets are very well received by customers who appreciate the best natural materials in life together with good quality and beautiful appearance.