Levst Kauplus Eks Kaubamajas

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Levst Kauplus Eks Kaubamajas / Description

OÜ Levst is the official representative of the Nobel company in Estonia.

Nobel – a company created with the comfort, luxury and health of its customers uppermost in mind.

Nobel was established in 1992 and is presently a leading manufacturer of de luxe ecological products made of the highest quality wool. Our products are friendly to man and environment and command great interest among customers in Europe and other continents, enlarging the group of enthusiasts of a natural lifesyle and a return to nature. To meet its customer’s rising expectations, the company is growing steadily, winning such imperative quality certificates as ISO 9001:2000, Certificates of Compliance (CE) confirming our products’ medical properties. For the fifth successive time we have been awarded the Fair Play title for enterprises which operate honestly and reliably. For many years our guiding principle has been your comfort, which is why we have prepared a special offer of products made of wool from animals bred especially for us in the world’s ecologically cleanest regions.

Our products will bring health, comfort, warmth and comfort to your home.
Nobel, a brand of exclusive woollen products, has a tradition of over 20 years standing on the global market for healthful goods made from natural, living wool.

Healthful, luxury products are what create the Nobel label, a label characterised by an innovative fusion of the world’s finest and most refined of wools and beauty’s timeless principles.

The composition of carefully chosen materials and trimmings makes the Nobel lines unique, while the highest possible degree of quality, expressed in our care for every smallest detail, endows them with the hallmark of prestige. Products bearing the Nobel label are masterpieces, thanks to the passion and talent of a number of people, all highly attuned to beauty.

Nobel – a symbol of prestige inspired by health.