Motiva Lasnamäe Esindus

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Motiva Lasnamäe Esindus / Description

Motiva – classical and roller blinds

Blinds and curtains in all their variety have already become a natural part of interior in many houses, apartments and institutions. Apart of decoration means – carefully picked blinds or curtains can create a desired environment in the room – they play an important role, protecting you from sunrays and unwanted strangers’ attention.

Motiva is an acknowledged expert in this field, offering its clients high-quality professional solutions since 2001. Strict quality and functionality control along with constant tracking of the latest interior design tendences, allows us to offer our clients modern solutions in the field on sun protection systems and window decoration.

From classical horizontal blinds to roller blinds – Motiva means perfect performance, flawless style and guaranteed quality. Rich collection of fabrics and colors gives you a possibility to choose a product that suits any interior.
In some fields, like, for example, cassette roller blinds, Motiva has become an acknowledged specialist, offering products that excel similar offers from other companies by quality and warranty terms.

Motiva takes all types of orders: from making a classical blind for a single window to composite solutions for buildings.
We give 3 years warranty on all our products.