Saaremaa Sepad

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Saaremaa Sepad / Description

OÜ Talumaa was founded in 1997. The manufacture of forgings was launched in 1998.

In 2002 we introduced the trade mark "Saaremaa Sepad" (standing for "Blacksmiths of Saaremaa" in Estonian), as with our 10 forge hearths we are the largest blacksmith shop in Saaremaa.

In short it can be said about us that Saaremaa Sepad are not artists, but blacksmiths. Therefore, the serial production has not been created by us, but consists of the same items that blacksmiths made at the old times.

The principle is to guarantee the satisfaction of each client; we are paying special attention to the quality and quickness of attending the clients in order to win their trust.

When contacting us, you will find that Saaremaa Sepad is also close to you.