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Smartprint / Description

SmartPrint OÜ has been founded in spring 2010 to offer high quality printing service of innovative printing technology with wide assortment of base materials.
The aim of SmartPrint is to ensure the satisfaction of client by offering innovative manufacturing process, flexible solutions, high quality, reasonable prices and pleasant customer service while ordering printing services.

Special features of our services:
- plane printing, which enables to imitate e.g stained glass
- printing over edges, i.e cut bulges, hollows
- printing on materials sensitive to heat
- printing on materials up to 20 cm (thickness) and not over 70 kg
- unlimited length of base materials (e.g glass screen of 1×5 metres)

The mission of SmartPrint OÜ is to bring different solutions of interior design to consumers and realize their unlimited fantasies while using and practising world-class printing technology where the main value is not the product but rather its value of art.