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Wood stain is a product designed for protecting wooden surfaces and giving them a decorative finish.
Wood staining can be used to obtain the desired colour, to accentuate the natural beauty and texture of the wood, to imitate precious wood or conceal blue stain damage and other defects.

In addition to that, wood stains are used for protective purposes. The stains for surfaces indoors help to prevent yellowing caused by the UV radiation; the stains for surfaces outdoors also protect the wood from the adverse effects of weather.

Most of wood stains are transparent or semi-transparent and only tone the wood without masking it, but nearly opaque, fully masking stains are also available. However, even opaque stains leave the texture of the wood visible.
Additionally, stains are available in a variety of tones from traditional wood tones to various bright modern colours.

Add beauty and color to your wood with wood stain.