ET-Tallinn OÜ

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ET-Tallinn OÜ / Esittely

Emballage Technologies Tallinn OU was founded in 1996 and being a leader of packaging solutions to industrial companies in Baltic countries already for 10 years.
A huge part of our activities and goods are exported to European countries.
Our customers in Estonia: Elcoteq Tallinn AS, Stoneridge Electronics OU,
Tarkon AS, Powerwave Technologies Estonia OU, Balteco Moobel OU.
Our partners in Europe: Team ET, Sealed Air Corp.
Main activity categories:
Design and manufacture of different kind of packages of the following materials:
Flexible cell and foam plastics
Antistatic and dissipative materials
Corrugated cardboard
Foam-rubber materials
Plastic and aluminum cases
Internal panels for cases and boxes which are designed for your requirements
Wide range of standard packaging materials.

Our products are used for packing of different electronics and electrical industry, tools and measurement instrumentation, medical equipments, as well suits for packing of furniture, doors-windows, weapon, glass articles and even pieces of art.

Flexible cell and foam plastics
Form mouldering packaging INSTAPAK
Antistatic and dissipative packaging
Bubble foil and polythene foil
Corrugated cardboard boxes
Plastic cases
Aluminum cases
Internal panels for cases which are designed according to your requirements
Construction compressor and padding.
Sound isolation material, liquid filler strips
Sound isolation material Stepisol (link)
Products-adjusted inserts for cases