Exclusive Stone OÜ - Looduslikud- ja Tehiskivimid

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Exclusive Stone OÜ - Looduslikud- ja Tehiskivimid / Esittely

• Exclusive Stone Ltd is a Estonia-based company dealing with promotion and sales of natural and composite stones in Estonia as well as other European Union countries.
• Exclusive Stone Ltd promotes the use of natural and composite stones in the construction and finishing of both private households as well as public spaces and buildings.
• Exclusive Stone Ltdmain focus lies on the sale of natural (granite, dolomite, marble) and composite (Technistone(R) stone plates to private clients and enterprises. In addition, Exclusive Stone Ltd produces granite and Technistone(R) planes for various working spaces and stairs according to the measurements provided by our clients.
• The bulk of Exclusive Stone Ltd's catalog items is imported from European Union countries, but we would also extend our clients the opportunity to have a try at the more exclusive domestic stone, dolomite, which can be used for both interior and exterior design.
• In order to maximize customers' satisfaction, we have identified immediate in-stock availability as one of our top priorities. Delivery periods for large quantities or items currently not available in our stocks are between 3 to 6 weeks.
• Upon our clients' request we can also provide proper installation of our products.