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Linalaps Kauplus / Esittely

OÜ Linalaps is a jolly union of three mothers with three children each - Anu-Ell Kruusmann, Gerli Ild and Annika Meistre.
We have combined our knowledge and skills acquired during the years with parenting experiences of many others. Now we have an opportunity to share our knowledge with other mothers.
In our Family School (Pirita Perekool) in Tallinn we offer various courses for expectant and new parents. They can learn about pregnancy, active birth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding etc. We also offer courses of pre- and postnatal yoga, as well as massage for babies. In addition, our Family School organises the courses of pregnancy yoga and active birth at the innovative and babyfriendly private hospital Fertilitas in Tallinn .

The goal and mission of Linalaps is to promote archaic baby wearing traditions and, first and foremost, the right ergonomic way of baby wearing. For that purpose we created and trained a network of Baby Wearing Consultants all over Estonia whose task is to give advice, help and support.

The product range you can see in the Linalaps E-Shop is the result of our own testing and experimenting with the help of our little ones. The articles of our own brand Linalaps are made by home working Estonian mothers.

If you have any questions, want to become our distributor or need advice on how to choose a baby carrier, please do not hesitate to contact us at