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Jeedasküla küla, Võru vald, Võrumaa
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Vipson Projekt / Videot

Vipson Projekt / Esittely

The main field of business for OÜ Vipson Projekt is construction of log houses. We also have made wooden furniture since 2007. As a byproduct we sell charcoal, fireplace wood and bark mulch.

OÜ Vipson Projekt employs 15 people. The log house builders of OÜ Vipson Projekt were initially trained by Norwegian log house experts and possess 8-year experience in the field. The executive director of the company is Taavi Tuvike.

Our log houses are unique handmade products built according to customers designs. Our log walls are made of kiln-dried material only and we have mostly used pine logs.

As our log houses are produced on the basis of unique designs, we offer neither designs or prices for mass production.
The complexity of the design determines the price. For calculating the price we suggest that customers provide us with the following data:
1) farthest dimensions of the log house on each floor;
2) cross section of the house which shows the height of the walls and the roof angle;
3) location and dimensions of the beams for the inserted ceiling.

A majority of log houses made by OÜ Vipson Project have been sold at Norwegian markets.