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4Room / Description

4ROOM is an Estonian lights and furniture producing company. Since 2003 we have opened 3 shops in Estonia and 2 in Latvia. Thanks to contacts made at furniture fairs and design exhibitions, our products are also known elsewhere in Europe. In addition to our lamps and furniture, we also offer products from our partner companies.

Every item in our shop reflects the unique style and philosophy of its designer. We don't make soulless mass-production, but instead value the creative processes that result in thoughtful, friendly and functional pieces. We try to do our share in making your room a happy place with good energy.

Both our product selection and the attitude of our team can be described as having a HUMAN TOUCH.

The human touch of 4ROOM's products starts with the sketches of our designer – Tarmo Luisk. Each sketch, beginning as a mere vision, passes from his hands into others- with welders, mechanics and other craftsmen all adding to each piece until it is finally ready to sell. We value the input of each and every one of us in this process. Through mutual respect and understanding, we all share in creating a warm and friendly environment.

From one person to another, each of our finished pieces finds its owner, carrying with it the fingerprint of our team.