Aldermani Aiad ja Väravad

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Aldermani Aiad ja Väravad / Description

Alderman makes metal fences, gates, garage doors. In 1999 stair banisters came into addition. We import and sell in retail and wholesale garage doors automatics, gate automatics, automatic sliding doors and barriers of BFT and Lift-Master. As the equipment offered by different companies is of very different usage parameters and price they have been divided into three quality and price classes in order to make the choice easier. These are Elite, Classic and Privat.

To offer to the customer qualitative, convenient and favourably priced full service from one place. In using our services besides a balanced price/quality rate also the fitness to each other has been guaranteed (for example it is easy to install a fitted drive later to the Alderman sliding gate because it has been taken into consideration in manufacturing the gate) and also a professional technical consultation.

It is understandable that it is more convenient to deal with one company than to waste time in running between several others.

These depend on the season above all. They are the shortest in winter and longest in autumn. As a rule an order will be completed in 1-4 weeks. But in special conditions, when it is some smaller item, we have found a possibility to meet the customer's needs and complete the order outside the queue.

Is 1 year for Alderman products; for the devices of BFT and Lift-Master, 1-5 years, depending on the model. With the longest guarantee is the production of Lift-Master.

The devices and products sold by Alderman are practically maintenance-free i.e. the devices may but need not occasionally need maintenance and regulation only in case of extreme usage conditions with a large usage intensity: in reality this means that for example the gate/garage door automatics that is in private usage may work years without maintenance: for the devices that are in intensive usage the regulations prescribe a periodical check up. The assumption of a long-term work without troubles is a professional installation and exploitation according to the requirements.

In case a customer wishes it, a maintenance contract may be concluded. This guarantees a quick reaction to the calls and more favourable prices for spare parts.