Haapsalu Paekivi

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Haapsalu Paekivi / Description

Haapsalu Paekivi is founded on 1992 and have since founding quarring limestone Ungru from own quarries in Ridala commune in Estonia.

All people in our company have long time experience of natural stone processing.

Additional to the own quarried limestone Ungru processing we import different products from granite, marble, slate, quartzit and other natural stones from Italy, Spain, Germany, China and others.

We produce from limestone, granite and marble tiles, different stones for facades, sculptures and many other natural stone products.
Also we install from natural stone tiles, facades and build walls.

By us you find many possibilities and solutions for using natural stone.

During many centuries have people use by own home building natural stone, what have given them feel stones beauty, surprise with grandeur and give people contentment.
Give yourself possibility to enjoy unique beauty of natural stone - use natural stone by building your home.