Plasto Ltd

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Plasto Ltd / Description

Plasto Ltd was established in 1991 and the company is based on Estonian private capital. Since March 1995, the main activity of the company has been the production and sales of pvc windows, doors and other wall elements, together with the provision of specialist consulting services and solutions along with quality products.

Product line consists of windows, balconies, terraces, exterior doors, custom-made sliding and folding doors and metal-pvc facade systems.

From 1997 to 2004, Plasto Ltd manufactured windows from the frame profiles of the German company VEKA.

As the window business is in constant development, with new technical solutions being developed and the existing technologies being improved, in 2004 Plasto Ltd started to manufacture PVC windows from Kömmerling profiles.

Kömmerling is considered as one of the leading Western European manufacturer of PVC window frame profiles. Plasto Ltd is the exclusive representative of Kömmerling profile systems in Estonia.

Plasto Ltd uses three different types of Kömmerling window profiles: Classic, Elegance and 88+.

In year 2012 Plasto Ltd started the production of top-swing (Scandinavian type) windows. These tailor-made high quality profiles are manufactured by Primo Ltd.