Tex Trade OÜ Kangaste Hulgimüük

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Tex Trade OÜ Kangaste Hulgimüük / Description

"Tex Trade" has been in the fabric wholesale business since 1991. Our partners and clients are "Kangas ja Nööp" (retail chain) and several other fabric shops, sewing companies, curtain designers etc, in Estonia and Latvia. The fabrics and accessories come from various European (Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, England, Spain, etc.) producers, convertors and wholesalers.

- Interior fabrics in stock:
- drapery (side curtain fabrics, sheer fabrics)
- tapestry
- lace curtains
- linen fabrics

Samples are available of the fabrics that are constantly in stock, so that wholesale customers (fabric stores, curtain designers, interior decorators) can order the necessary cut-length (time of delivery 0-6 weeks).

Fabric samples of many factorys are available in stock in addition to the basic selection; in case of these fabrics the minimum quantity of order is 1 roll, i.e. 30-50 m, and the time of delivery is 1-6 weeks.

Fashion fabrics in stock:
- fabrics for blouses and dresses
- fabrics for jackets, trousers, skirts
- woollen coat fabrics
- lining fabrics (viscose, stretch, polyester and acetate)
- jersey and fleece
- fake fur

It is possible to order fabrics (for blouses and suites), fake fur, woollen coat material, fleece and lining fabrics.
Time of delivery 14-60 days, minimum quantity 30 -300 meters.