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Acrülam / Esittely

The mission of Acrülam is to provide the best surface materials of well-known brands to well-aware customers. This facilitates the implementation and expansion of surface material assortment by designers, processors and construction companies. You can always find our products from well-equipped resellers.

The main activities of the company include the wholesale of surface materials of SAMSUNG STARON® and SAMSUNG RADIANZ™.

We also offer the artificial stones of Swanstone™, LG HI-MACS® and Corian®.

Artificial stone products are impressive, durable and easily taken care of. This means aesthetic beauty and freedom to the end customer. They can be used as level surfaces in various kinds of furniture and as indoor finish elements for private and commercial use. The main uses include kitchen level surfaces, bathroom level surfaces, tables in conference rooms or offices, bar counters and even work surfaces in hospitals and laboratories. The material is used extensively in ship-building.

In addition to the abovementioned products, the company would like to pay your attention to other surface materials useful to furniture or construction companies.

Dear furniture producers! Our line of activity also includes the wholesale of LG NUTREX® high pressure coating foil. The range of colours and patterns is wide, therefore we advise to contact us for examining the samples.