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Bestway / Description

Bestway produces metal constructions, structures, shelves, cupboards, cash registers and other, according to your wish and special order.
We are orientated to satisfying the needs of a precise customer that is why we do not do mass production, but focus on the precise customer and his/her order. Our motto is “Speed, Quality, Competency” – we do the job quickly and with quality, our constantly growing team is despite of its youth competent and works diligently, so to fulfill the goals set it the motto.
If you believe that metal constructional products would perfectly suite into your office, store, lobby or elsewhere, you are in the very right place.
Bestway offers products and services that are orientated to the exact needs of our customers. We welcome you to our office and hear out your wishes, give you advice and find together the best solution.
We have produced many metal constructions according to special orders, starting with lobby chairs and furniture and ending with full interior of Olympic Casino casinos and AG-stores. We don’t get scared of little or big assignments and work for the goal to give the customer a product that is totally according to the anticipation of the client and as the order prescribes and in time that is agreed.
Bestway offers its customers products by subcontracts, products according to special orders, production of furniture according to special projects, metal fences, colored metals and products made of it, etc.