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We hereby present a brief survey of materials and products, sold by OÜ Mendali, as well as their fields of use.

On the leading position among the materials offered are various natural stone products of large assortment: natural stone, perpetual stone, rock, quartzite, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, brick, and other natural stones.
The fields of use are the following: walls, floors, staircases, terraces, garden paths, garden elements, garden decoration products, flower chests, stone walls, interior and exterior fireplaces, stoves, smoke stoves, grills, stone tables, interior and exterior swimming pools, wash- and steamrooms in saunas, tiled roofs, stone facades, the restoration stones of churches and manor houses. The best maintenance and protection materials and quality washing liquids naturally come with the stones.

The other sales group of OÜ Mendali comprises of lightweight partition walls Excel, Excel MDF, Excel Lux and Exxe. On the basis of them bureau walls, movable partitions between places of work, toilet partition walls, dressing rooms and shower partitions with various solutions are produced. The material is: glass, aluminium, europanel, timber, laminate board and rustproof steel. The fields of use are: bureaus, offices, schools, day-care centres, homes, stores, shops, sales areas, galleries, hospitals, warehouses, etc.

We also produce and place mirror doors, mirror walls, folding walls, folding doors and sliding doors. All solutions are individual and composed regarding the client’s wishes.

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