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SUNDECOR / Description

Päikesedekoori OÜ was founded in Estonia back in late 1993, at that point we already had roughly 15 years of sales and production experience in Findland and Scandinavia under the trademark of "SUNDECOR". Soon after foundation of a division in Tallinn, we have registered the trademark "SUNDECOR" also in Estonia.
Our main business activity points are venetian, vertical and roller blinds manufacturing, sales and service - both to domestic customers and abroad, in addtion we are investing a lot of efforts into manufacturing awnings and PVC fold-doors.
All of our production is being manufactured at our factory, located in Tallinn, and is being made according to customer wishes, from top-quality materials. In order to offer our clients a more wider choice of top-quality goods, we have recently added to our catalogues both wooven and wooden venetian and roller blinds, and also glass- and mirror- surfaced slide- and fold- doors.
At this point, we can state, that during theese years, we have gained a significant position on Estonian market and furthermore applying efforts into raising our positions on the market higher and higher.
During last years, we have built a significant production- and service base in Estonia, doing a lot of co-work with our partners from Estonia, Europe and across the world, earning ourselves a name of a stable and reliable partner both with our customers and business-partners. All this, helps us offering our clients top-standart products and service.
Our reseller and partner network is presented almost everywhere in Estonia, granting us the opportunity to be with our customers no matter where they are, in order to offer them "a helping hand" exactly where they need it and when they need it. Also, we are paying a huge attention to our partner and reseller network, trying to always be with them, giving them as much care as we can, supplying them examples, catalogues, advertising material and arranging all possible trainings and classes on our production on demand, in order to keep them always the first to know of upcoming events and new trends in window decoration and window fashion.