Alkman Furniture Lounge

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Alkman Furniture Lounge / Description

Alkman Furniture has been dealing with importing and marketing interior design goods since 1992. We furnish homes, offices, cafes and public buildings with conntemporary-design furniture from leading Italian, German, Spain and European manufacturers. Our stock includes amoung tables, chairs, barstools, office chairs, living- and bedroom furniture, unit-module furniture as well as accessories and lighting.

Alkman and our goods are known for modern design, high quality and ergonomics.

Since 1996 Alkman Furniture product selection includes also ergonomic furniture, which is designed to take into consideration peoples physiology and is made for the wellbeing and satisfaction of the customer. We offer the ergonomic world-famous brands of Germany - office chairs COMFORTO and bed-system LATTOFLEX.

Furniture is not just a mean to its end, but made to serve a person as best it can. Our furniture has great value for money - best quality and good prices. The furniture is appealing, comfortable and lasting.

Business areas:

* furnishing homes, offices, cafes and restaurants
* gross-, retail- and project-based sale of furniture
* sale of touch-tronic design-lamps
* furniture accessoires and fittings from HÄFELE
* furnishing hotels and public buildings special projects

Our employees first priority is to be friendly, flexible and offer customer-friendly services.