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MargaFurniture / Description

Our company's aim is to offer wide range of services and productions that are not affordable to workshops or factories, which are specialised in making furniture or interior elements from MDF or other sheet material. We are making everything by ourselves using our hands, pure wood and sometimes tools from owner's grandfather's workshop.

- One can find here Swedish style, Nordic classics or nice masterpieces from 50s;
- Copies of antique furniture and restoration - our love belongs to New Rococo and Art Nouveau;
- Handmade marquetry and inlay drawings;
- We have paid extra attention to be the best in making solid wood curved doors, legs, forms and ornaments;
- We like wooden tambour-, sliding- and folding doors for cabinets and also for rooms;
- We love to load our positive energy through our masterpieces into bedrooms, living rooms, entrances, bathrooms, kitchens and also into offices;
- On our huge 130 years old lathe we can turn from wood for your house pillars or arrows up to 4 meters lenght and wheels with diameter up to 2 meters;
- Restored or new handmade old fashion entrance doors and wooden veranda windows;
- We are able to give the second life for your pump organ, what plays after our restoration as new;
- One can also ask for designer services; CAD drawings are included.

Final choice related to material to be used for building our items belongs to customer, but for getting long term and nice masterpieces, we always recommend to use natural materials (veneered blockboard or solid wood).